Thursday, September 8, 2011

whats going on this year!

waaah.. lamanya ndak update blog ni.. hahah ni la kalau buka blog setakat suka2.. kjap jak minat tu ada bah.. ghee.. so just wanna share bout my life a lil bit .. nothing much interesting happen,.. just on this year.. feel like so many girl coming to my life.. even my x gf also wanna come.. hahaha.... raya plak nothing interesting.. just get drunk every nite. kiddin! :p but make me suprise and make me a lil bit happy.. when i see my xgf on that time, and she say hi to me.. although her with other guy., but im still happy can see her smile even for a second(the feeling still there) .. :) .. and on 31st august.. i become 29.. waaah makin tua liao! .. :P but much2 better this year :) love this year hope i can go through this year till end with more happiness happen in my life.. ..... cheerss!..

p/s- my next update.. IDK.. hahahahahahaha

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